Vincent O’Connor

My first poem, about protozoa, was published when I was in fourth grade, and that first publication started a lifelong passion for writing. You can find my poetry in various print and online publications. I’ve written numerous magazine articles, primarily on computer technology, and write training material for businesses, and technical manuals for software companies.

I have a play, “Nearly Departed“, published by Players Press. I also had a book, “Pushing AppleWorks To The Limit”, published by Compute! Books.

I’m also Managing Editor of the new online poetry magazine RockPaperPoem.

When not writing or working at my day job on computers and websites, I can often be found acting or directing in local theater and connecting with family and friends in person and across the internet.

League of Minnesota Poets
Vice-President, the Ely, MN chapter of League of Minnesota Poets
Academy of American Poets
Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association
Northern Lakes Arts Association
Proud supporter of EVERY DAY FICTION

Latest Poems

Finding Joy in a Time of Pandemic

Poetry Walk at Green Island in October features More Poems of Hope and Reassurance This month, the Poetry Walk at...
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The Geometry of Insomnia

Unable to sleep, I watch my love on her back, breath so shallow the covers scarcely move. As gentle snores...
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Poets & Pints #71

I was a part of the Poets & Pints Virtual Show 4/21/2021.
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Unpredictable Violence

Unpredictable violencehas taught me to flinch at the gentlest touch of caring. Published in One Sentence Poems. Photo by Kat...
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Halloween Haiku

neighborhood children patiently wait at Death's door to shout "trick or treat!" Published in Spillwords. Photo by James Wheeler from...
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It Is What It Is

poetry is not words on a page or sounds in the ear but souls talking to other souls Published in...
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a Monarch settles on a spider milkweed withdrawing sap with suction-tube tongue for two of the minutes of our lives...
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After the Fire

You call me honey alcohol turned vinegar in your tone as you flop on the bed naked. I hate that...
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I introduce myself to you each time I visit each day your memories become ever smaller as neurons die leaving...
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The Worth of Gardening

For years I tried to put flames to the boy engulfed in desperate need of shelter from the bitter barked...
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Latest Blog Posts

Ely Poets and Pints

I was the featured poet at Ely Poets and Pints on Thursday evening, August 8th, 2019, in Ely, Minnesota. Poets...
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It’s Just A Memory – Part II

In my previous post, I looked at the first three sins of memory using Harvard University psychology professor Daniel Schacter’s...
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It’s Just A Memory

Memory is imperfect. This is because we often do not see things accurately in the first place. But even if...
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Maybe There’s Just One Universe And The Cat Is Just Alive (Or Dead)

Asserting that [Schrödinger’s] cat is both alive and dead is akin to a baseball fan saying that the Yankees are...
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What, Exactly, Is Probability?

“Probability is the bane of the age,” said Moreland, now warming up. “Every Tom, Dick, and Harry thinks he knows...
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Take Two Skulls And Call Me In The Morning

There is a common and ancient opinion that certain prophetic women who are popularly called ‘screech-owls’ suck the blood of...
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Scientists Gone Wild

“He had the greatest mind since Einstein, but it didn’t work quickly. He admitted his slowness often. Maybe it was...
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