I have been a published writer since fourth grade, when my poem about protozoa was first published. Over the years I've published poetry in various print and online publications, including Satori, Main Channel Voices, Studio One, SP Quill Quarterly Magazine, The Talking Stick, Clean Sheets, Poetry Super Highway, and The Pilot-Independent.

I've also written articles for magazines including A+, inCider, Compute!, Inside dBASE, Inside QuickBASIC, DBMS, Data Based Advisor, and Computer User, as well as a regular computer column for Computer User Magazine and The Babbitt Weekly News.

I have a play, "Nearly Departed," published by Players Press, a book "Pushing AppleWorks To The Limit" published by Compute! Books, and have written training material for various organizations and technical manuals for software companies. I'm also a former blogger over at Science In My Fiction.

When not writing or working at my day job on computers and websites, I can often be found acting or directing in local theater and connecting with family and friends in person and across the Interwebs.

League of Minnesota Poets
Academy of American Poets
Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association

Proud supporter of EVERY DAY FICTION
Proud supporter of EVERY DAY FICTION