Vincent O'Connor
Training Material

Training Materials

Examples of training material I have written for various clients. Most material is computer-related.

Instructions describing how to account for warranty replacements in QuickBooks® for MinnSNOWta Roof Razor.

Instructions describing various functions of the Liqman Inventory and Order System software that I created for Kat’s Liquors in Ely, MN.
Instructions for customers of the MinnSNOWta Roof Razor® snow removal system on how to attach the optional Metal Roof Kit to the Roof Razor®. Written for the original owners and inventors of the system.

Instructions for the staff of the now-closed San Francisco restaurant Soup Freaks with two different locations on how to use the custom software I wrote for them to synchronize the gift card and incentive plan data for the two stores.

Instructions for the staff of the former Minding Out Future Clubhouse in Ely, MN on how to update the WordPress website I developed for them. (A clubhouse is a community of people organized to support individuals living with mental health challenges.)