Vincent O'Connor


Vincent O'Connor


December 8th, 1941
a date which will live in infamy

at the cutting edge of
technology exhaust pipes
look like dragon

Malthusian killers cosplay
as physicians
stripping men, women, and
children together
while commandeering their
in the courtyard
of mendacity

one by one they
do the walk of
shame past signs declaring
“To the Washroom”

to the cellar
to a ramp
to the back
of a large, paneled truck

where one by one
terrorized human beings
pass through
confusion and
vomiting and
chest pain and

ultimately becoming
an adulterated corpse

©Vincent O’Connor. All rights reserved.

First published in the Poetry Super Highway 2022 Holocaust Remembrance Day Issue.
Photo by Paweł Schmidt.