Vincent O'Connor

Vincent O'Connor

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Vincent O’Connor’s debut poetry chapbook, Lessons From Life, was published by Local Gems Press in 2019. His poems have appeared in Snail Mail Review, The Talking Stick, Main Channel Voices, Winamop, Poetry Super Highway,Satori, and elsewhere, and in two anthologies. He has written numerous magazine articles, primarily on computer technology, and writes training material for businesses and technical manuals for software companies, and has a play, “Nearly Departed” published by Players Press.

A Question of Significance

To think that your words
all twisted
and tortured

dripping raw emotion
on a blank page
make any difference.

Must be an egomaniac

or a poet.
Vincent O'Connor

In the quiet eventide
I spend my last moments awake
encircled in your arms
listening to my blood’s applause.
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