Vincent O'Connor

Paper Ephemera

Vincent O'Connor

Paper Ephemera

“Lot of 100 RandomVintage Kodak Found Old Photos Family Snapshots”

in the corners of the internet
I find discarded photos

to the highest bidder
singly and in batches

“125 Old Photos Huge Lot BWVintage Photographs Snapshots Antique peoples”

a black-and-white photo of a yawning girl
a yellowed print of children
in the snow

faded images and scrawled
notes forsaken
when a bloodline ended

or descendants rushing
to escape
pieces of themselves

“Lot of 50+ Original Random Found Old PhotosVintage Snapshots black and white”

when I look upon these
kaleidoscopic memories of other
people’s lives
I hope what they represent
lives on somewhere

even if only in
the subconsciousness
of half-forgotten

“12Vintage Old 193o’s Photo Booth Pictures Pretty Women Woman Girls Hairstyles”

© 2020 by Vincent O’Connor. All rights reserved.
First published in the 2020 issue of Spring Thaw.