Teacher Resources

Resources for teachers to use in the classroom to help teachers to engage their students with poetry.

National Poetry Month: Exemplars from EDSITEment: Poetry for the Classroom
The National Endowment produced these standalone lessons for select poems by well-known poets like Emily Dickinson, Rita Dove, and Lewis Carroll. The poem-specific resources include a lesson plan, related resources, a link to the work, and information about the author. The lessons were designed for English language arts, align to the Common Core, and are meant for elementary, middle school, and high school students.

National Poetry Month Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources, Scholastic
Use these teaching resources and classroom ideas to help students read, write, and share poems.

The Poetry Learning Lab, Poetry Foundation
The Poetry Learning Lab is a great source of knowledge, including a glossary of poetry terms, links to public domain poems, and inspiring essays on poetry from writers and educators. The Lab also features a useful page of teacher resources, with outside links and original content.

The Academy of American Poets: For Educators
Extensive range of free poetry resources for teachers.

EdSITEment Literature and Language Arts
Lesson plans and links for literature classes, grades K–12.

Favorite Poem Project: Poetry Lesson Plans
Lesson plans based on the Favorite Poem Project, emphasizing reading and appreciation.

Language for a New Century
Course materials to complement the ground-breaking print anthology dedicated to Contemporary poetry from the Middle East, Asia, and beyond.

Poetry Class
British website devoted to integrating poetry into the classroom; offers lesson plans, assessment advice, and training courses in the UK.

Lesson plans and web resources for students and teachers, organized around IRA/NCTE Standards for the English Language Arts.

Teacher Vision
Activity ideas and lesson plans for elementary students; first three articles free, thereafter membership required.

Teachers and Writers Collaborative
Insights, practices, and techniques from professional writers and educators; includes information on TW Collaborative in-school and professional development programs.

A Common Core State Standards literacy resource for teachers who want to incorporate poetry and other genres to help students learn to read closely, think critically, and develop powerful arguments.

Writers in the Schools
Home page of popular program; includes resources for teachers, WITS blog, and links to publication opportunities for students.

Poets.org’s Materials for Teachers
A wealth of information, including essays about teaching poetry; a roundup of relevant websites; and curriculum units and lesson plans for teaching poetry at the primary, secondary, and university level. Don’t miss “Teach This Poem” for a new poem every Monday.

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