Lessons From Life


The debut chapbook from poet Vincent O’Connor.

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The debut chapbook from poet Vincent O’Connor, it took third place in the 2018 Local Gems Press NaPoWriMo Chapbook Contest. 48 pages. Published by Local Gems Press.

“In this deeply, intelligent debut, Vince O’Connor shadow dances with himself. These taut, concise poems illuminate “crimes of indifference,” and celebrate human compassion and personal growth. His “delicacy-driven synonyms” explore “the infinite number of versions” of himself. One man’s inner journey exposed through a feminist lens, leaves the reader looking forward to his next collection of poetry.”

Jeanette M. Cox
author of “War and Peace”

“The Lessons From Life that O’Connor examines are framed in self-reflection rather than lecture. In this reflection, O’Connor examines on-going lessons that range from social responsibility, to philosophical inquiries, to simply getting through the day to day. He takes a poetic torch to illuminate the accountability both author and reader have in this world that shapes us, and in turn, shape it as well. In doing so, O’Connor’s poetry reminds us that we all Gotta Start Somewhere, and no matter where we are, have To Begin Again.”

Peter Stein
President of the League of Minnesota Poets and author of “Belly Up”

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