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  • Selected Poetry by Vincent O'Connor - Page 1

  • 2:57 a.m.

    From the forthcoming Shattered Anthology to be published by Kind of a Hurricane Press.

  • A Question of Significance

    Published in The Pilot-Independent and winner of an Award of Merit at the 15th Northwoods Art and Book Festival

  • Anticipation

    Published on unFold.

  • Baptism

    One of the winners in the Random Acts of Poetry Contest.

  • Blind Eyes

    Published in SYW! MAGAZINE.

  • Christmas Haiku

    Published on Haikuniverse

  • Brenda

    Published in Satori, Vol. 13

  • Delirium

    Published in Winamop

  • Discovery

    Published in Clean Sheets.

  • Eileen, Sipping

    Published in Every Day Poets.

  • Escaping

    Won Second Place in the 2015 League of Minnesota Poets Claire van Breeman Downes Memorial Grand Prize Award.

  • The End of Marriage

    Published in Studio One.


All poems copyright © by Vincent D. O'Connor. All rights reserved.


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