Nearly Departed

An intriguing full-length farce. Cast of eight (4m, 4f.) Single set.

Alan, who has not one but two mistresses intent on marriage, decides that his current wife, Joan, no longer loves him and so he wants to end their relationship – but without an embarrassing and expensive divorce. He arranges for an “accident” in which he supposedly dies and only ashes are left. All goes as planned until Alan discovers that his distraught “widow” is carrying his ashes in the jewelry box whose false bottom conceals the necessary papers for his new identity, In order to retrieve the papers, Alan enlists the reluctant aid of his brother-in-law, in whose house both the wake and the funeral are being held. Close call after close call ensues, until the “dead” man must finally hide in his own coffin to keep from being caught by his wife and mistresses.

A classic farce in a contemporary setting, and a joy for any audience looking for a good laugh.

Published by Players Press, Inc.
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