Other Writing by Vincent O’Connor

Pushing AppleWorks To The Limit

Mention in the NY Times (pdf)

Pushing AppleWorks To The Limit

“Learn how to make the bestselling software for the Apple II better! Whether you use AppleWorks in the home or office, COMPUTE!’s Pushing AppleWorks To The Limit will show you the tools needed to make AppleWorks more powerful and easier to use. You’ll also find time-saving information on setting up custom printers, fixing and getting around bugs, and customizing with patches. Pushing AppleWorks To The Limit will also teach you how to…

♦ Expand the spreadsheet’s capabilities
♦ Transfer data between modules
♦ Utilize the best features of ProDOS
♦ Create your own templates and applications

Plus you’ll get an overview of the AppleWorks environment, from the first screen to the Desktop and clipboard.”

Mention in the NY Times

Selected Fiction

♦ “The Princess and The Bullfrog” – published in Every Day Fiction.


Full-service copy writing, creating custom content for business, consumer, and technical audiences that includes but is not limited to:
♦ Article Writing. Examples: “Goof Proofing Your Spreadsheet” – Computer User
Using the Plus and Minus Keys to Change Dates” – Inside dBase
TRAIN (Educate), TRAIN (Certify), TRAIN (Network)!” with co-author Annette Hoffman, CMT, CPC-A – Plexus (Note: This is a large PDF and may take a while to load.)
♦ Brochure Writing. Examples: Five page brochure
Two page brochure
♦ SEO Website Copywriting. (client example)
♦ Technical and Documentation Writing. Examples: How to use Outlook Web Access
Instructions for configuring a Linksys VoIP phone
Client manual for updating their WordPress website
♦ Proofreading and Editing