october pink


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Shortly after the decision she no longer needed her breasts or the cancer straining to leave them she found herself desperate to escape the first… Read More »Escaping


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The long, unhurried kiss of two people deep in the discovery of love. Touching, guiding: “Now place your hand here; now here.” I explore with… Read More »Discovery
love couple tenderness


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cage me in a frame stroking oil onto parchment transform me into stopped time a gentle whisper in an empty room in the hegemony of… Read More »Delirium
cemetery tombstones


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My heart cries as the evening sighs itself out in profound color. Pieces of your promises are present for the burial. No rising Lazarus despite… Read More »Brenda
Christmas cat

Christmas Haiku

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Christmas Eve a joyous kitten among the ribbons Published on Haikuniverse. Featured image by Hucklebarry from Pixabay.
desperate sad tears

Blind Eyes

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she fell in love with a fractured man a boy who dreamed of panties falling out of everywhere but never tugged at her blouse never… Read More »Blind Eyes
Cuban River baptism


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Chest-deep in the river warm rain washes me whispering forgiveness. Now only the river knowsthe depths ofmy sins but ask it about themand you’ll get… Read More »Baptism
yellow flower


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Shocking lemon yellow-bright blossomsharbinger of freshly laundered clotheson clotheslines to come. Published on unFold. Featured image courtesy of Michelle Klishis, ©2012.