old woman sitting near door


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as age accumulates it is the loss of possibility that lacerates my soul old love letters and photographs recall the betrayal of dreams long ceded… Read More »Losing
grayscale photo of patient and relative holding hands


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I watch you struggle, maintaining a fragile relationship with life. Dwindling and limp only the mist on your oxygen mask proclaims that your sleep is… Read More »Leaving
alcohol drink elegant


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Where did my arms go that cold, dark night drunken and wild around your body they could not hold fast, only shoot off upward into… Read More »Laurie
adult sadness black and white


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The room is full of ghosts tonight who tap and sigh as I cradle the frayed faded address book your namestill carefully printed the disconnected… Read More »Haunted
branches cemetery cross


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At my mother’s gravea Monarch butterfly restson the headstonewings folded in silent prayer. Published in Winamop. Featured image by mali maeder from Pexels.
Feet Bed Sleep


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you strip enough for me to slalom down the swell of your breasts at the base of your stomach I pry apart your thighs checking… Read More »Evening