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the right words in the right order between my heart and head. Published on unfold. Featured image by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels.

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Vanishing Act

After the denouement of fifteen years of marriage I watch evidence existential in letters and cards slowly disappearing saying “I love you” saying “I love” saying “I” Published in The Talking Stick 21. Featured image by burak kostak from Pexels.

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Two Months After You Left

I am vanishing incrementally losing pieces of places I have outgrown or am tired of bearing. Meals come from cans without labels eventually joining others overlaid on the kitchen counter. Eschewing the bedroom with unraveled clothes I sleep in a chair with half empty bottles that let me slip slowly from reality. Today I found […]

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They Call Them Candidates

but what I see are sycophantic generators of rage a bilge of bile pressing into our skin creating stains on the voting-booth curtains and what I hear are promises promoting the triumph of a murderous will jacket-booted strides on the throats of our freedoms and what I know is there is no Hippocratic oath for […]

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Sunset streams in shafts of light through cracks in tattered window shades. In a corner palsied hands make tender love to polished spruce and ebony Quivering strings sow trills that whirl and tumble gracefully through the air finally falling to saturate wearied carpet. For a moment memories of concertos echo from empty walls. Published in […]

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She hangs kisses from my earlobes sews our fingers together with red wine thread drinks coffee when I drink tea and tea when I drink coffee. She holds my hands like the longest day of the year smiles like a setting autumn sun tells me how beautifully messy I am. She speaks love like water […]

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Sex With Anonymous Hussies Need Not Be Dull

as a true romantic when you finally gave in to love it was the death of lust now all you have is a balm of pity and a sigh of compromise as prelude to indifferent sex that only just pierces your constantly resurrected chastity you remain aware but removed oddly it’s possible for you to […]

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Poetry and Politicians

though Shelly claimed poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world we need to take care when acknowledging politicians in compositions for the line between politics and sanity are fluid as wind and who knows what an incendiary demagogue will tweet next Published in the book “across vast horizons: an anthology”. Featured image by Rosemary […]

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I introduce myself to you each time I visit each day your memories become ever smaller as neurons die leaving bitter holes in their place you fight the ravaging of your brain, and even as your skin presses your ribs, suffocating you, your body remembers it is made of stardust hydrogen formed into helium crushed […]