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the right words in the right order between my heart and head. Published on unfold. Featured image by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels.
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Vanishing Act

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After the denouement of fifteen years of marriage I watch evidence existential in letters and cards slowly disappearing saying “I love you” saying “I love”… Read More »Vanishing Act
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Sunset streams in shafts of light through cracks in tattered window shades. In a corner palsied hands make tender love to polished spruce and ebony… Read More »Sonata
boyfriend girlfriend


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She hangs kisses from my earlobes sews our fingers together with red wine thread drinks coffee when I drink tea and tea when I drink… Read More »She
woman crying


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I introduce myself to you each time I visit each day your memories become ever smaller as neurons die leaving bitter holes in their place… Read More »Memorium