Ely Poets and Pints

Ely Poets and Pints

I was the featured poet at Ely Poets and Pints on Thursday evening, August 8th, 2019, in Ely, Minnesota. Poets and Pints and a monthly get-together of poets with both featured Poets and open mic that happens the third Thursday of each month at Northern Grounds in Ely, MN.

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It’s Just A Memory – Part II

In my previous post, I looked at the first three sins of memory using Harvard University psychology professor Daniel Schacter’s book The Seven Sins of Memory as a guide. In this post I’ll look at the remaining four sins. Misattribution: attributing a memory to an incorrect source “Most people, probably, are in doubt about certain […]

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It’s Just A Memory

Memory is imperfect. This is because we often do not see things accurately in the first place. But even if we take in a reasonably accurate picture of some experience, it does not necessarily stay perfectly intact in memory. Another force is at work. The memory traces can actually undergo distortion. With the passage of […]

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Maybe There’s Just One Universe And The Cat Is Just Alive (Or Dead)

Asserting that [Schrödinger’s] cat is both alive and dead is akin to a baseball fan saying that the Yankees are stuck in a superposition of both won and lost until he reads the box score. It’s an absurdity, a megalomaniac’s delusion that one’s personal state of mind makes the world come into being. Hans Christian […]


What, Exactly, Is Probability?

“Probability is the bane of the age,” said Moreland, now warming up. “Every Tom, Dick, and Harry thinks he knows what is probable. The fact is most people have not the smallest idea what is going on round them. Their conclusions about life are based on utterly irrelevant – and usually inaccurate – premises.” Anthony […]

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Take Two Skulls And Call Me In The Morning

There is a common and ancient opinion that certain prophetic women who are popularly called ‘screech-owls’ suck the blood of infants as a means, insofar as they can, of growing young again. Why shouldn’t our old people, namely those who have no [other] recourse, likewise suck the blood of a youth? — a youth, I […]

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Scientists Gone Wild

“He had the greatest mind since Einstein, but it didn’t work quickly. He admitted his slowness often. Maybe it was because he had so great a mind that it didn’t work quickly… I watched him hit that ball. I watched it bounce of the edge of the table and move into the zero-gravity volume, heading […]