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woman crying

I introduce myself
to you each time I visit

each day your memories
become ever smaller
as neurons die
bitter holes
in their place

you fight the ravaging
of your brain, and even
as your skin presses
your ribs, suffocating
you, your body
it is made
of stardust

hydrogen formed into
helium crushed
into carbon

sunflowers sense
your presence
and turn towards you

but your world was transforming
becoming an alien landscape
without familiar landmarks
without recognizable faces
without sounds that are not foreign

to escape the
the confusing panorama
one night
you quietly withdrew
at twice the speed
of light

becoming one
with the background glow

of the ancient universe

Won Third Honorable Mention in the 2017 League of Minnesota Poets Claire van Breeman Downes Memorial Grand Prize Award. Featured image by Kat Jayne from Pexels .